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Manufacturing an extensive range of high quality, standard and customised products for the high and ultra-high vacuum sector

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specialises in manufacturing an extensive range of standard and customised products for the high and ultra-high vacuum sectors, including chambers and fabrications, machined components and vacuum components.

We have the knowledge, skill and experience to provide a complete vacuum solution.

Whether you require a standard component or a bespoke vacuum chamber, we have the expertise to deliver both to the highest quality and on time. Tigfusion prides itself on its ability to carry out non-standard fabrications and components as soon as the next day.

We are an ISO 9001 approved company for the provision of mechanical engineering and manufacturing services. With UHV welding standards and practices stringently applied, Tigfusion is dedicated to manufacturing Vacuum Chambers and Components of the highest quality, delivered on time.

Vacuum Chambers

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We stock an extensive range of CF Vacuum Fittings and our specialist team can also manufacture custom CF Vacuum Fittings so that we can supply high-quality CF Vacuum Fittings very quickly.

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